Final Fantasy XIII-2 to get Mass Effect 3 DLC Costumes

Final Fantasy XIII-2

On our list of things we generally don’t like a whole lot are DLC costumes.  It’s a real quick way for studios to make a buck on something that has little to no effect on actual gameplay.  Seriously, It’s no better than horse armor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but people buy it enough that developers keep on selling it.

So it’s to our great dismay that we bring you the most contrived crossover costume pairing we can think of: new Mass Effect 3 costumes in Final Fantasy XIII-2.  The news of the new costumes are revealed in this week’s issue of Famatsu (via andriasang per usual….we don’t speak Japanese).  While we don’t get a look at the new costumes or any pricing, we figure at least it’s not as lame as randomly putting the main female character Serah in bikini for $4 of DLC (oh wait….they already did that…..).



We now have a picture, and it’s as ridiculous as we’d feared.