Hitman Absolution Professional Edition Revealed

Hitman: Absolution

No surprise here but I’m a tad excited by the recent announcement of a Hitman Absolution collector’s…erm…Professional Edition.

It seems that of late, most collector’s editions (I’m calling it what it is from here on out, official title be damned) are average in their offerings at best. Hitman actually brings some goodies that add to the experience though and represent a package that’s fairly worthwhile. Included in the package are:

  • Special clamshell case
  • Premium harcover artbook with a foreword from Tore Blystad, the game’s director
  • Behind the scenes ‘Making of’ DVD
  • Agent Gun Pack DLC which includes the Jagd PssG pistol, the HX UMP smg, and the SPS 12 semi-automatic shotgun
Hitman Absolution is slated for later on this year, and we absolutely cannot wait. Take a look at the full package below.