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sony Archive

  • Gold PS3 Controller

    New Gold PS3 Controller Out Not

    Now you can feel like King Midas with your very own metallic gold PS3 controller, available exclusively at GameStop.  The new PS3 controller features everything you’ve come to expect in a PS3 controller for $54.99, only now in a shiny new color.  So if you’re...

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  • Ratchet & Clank Trilogy

    The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Trailer

    It’s been mentioned a time or two that I’m a pretty big fan of the Ratchet & Clank series of platformers from Insomniac Games.  This is not a recent phenomenon though, as my love of the series goes back to the PS2 days.  Luckily for...

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  • LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Trophies

    While we have our concerns about the introduction of talking minifigures in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, wee certainly can’t deny the charm of these games.  Whether it be a movie or a comic book, it’s just fun to see your heroes rendered in...

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  • God of War: Ascension

    Three New God of War: Ascension Trailers

    You’ll have to forgive me for getting a bit behind on the website. I was sick for a few days leading into the weekend. I’m feeling better now, and I’ve got three new trailers for God of War: Ascension to share with you. The first...

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  • Beyond: Two Souls

    Beyond: Two Souls E3 2012 B-Roll Trailer

    Immediately after being announced, Beyond: Two Souls surely became many a PS3 owner’s most wanted game out of E3.  You see, fans of games made by Quantic Dream tend to be pretty vocal about their love for the story driven cinematic style of game on offer here....

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  • DC Universe Online

    DC Universe Online ‘The Last Laugh’ DLC Trailer

    Every once in a while we like to check in on DC Universe Online and see how it’s doing.  See, we’re big comic book guys around these parts, and it’s actually a pretty solid MMO.  And with the upcoming “The Last Laugh” DLC coming up,...

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  • E3 logo

    E3 2012 Winners and Losers

    E3 2012 is over, and just like we did last year it’s time for us to tell you what we thought.  We’ve followed all the press events, took in all the gameplay demos, squinted at every screenshot, and watched every trailer.  So you know we’ve...

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  • Dust 514

    Dust 514 E3 2012 Beta Gameplay Trailer

    The more we see of SONY’s free to play MMO for the PS3 Dust 514, the more intrigued we get.  Overall, SONY has done a much better jonb of trying to move the MMO space onto the consoles than Microsoft has.  That being said, we’re...

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  • God of War: Ascension

    God of War: Ascension Pre-Order Trailer

    It’s fair to say that I’m a big God of War fan. So I’m definitely looking forward to God of War: Ascension.  However the one thing I’m really not sold on it the need for the game’s multiplayer.  So I’m a little put off by the...

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  • The Last of Us

    GamesEyeView Podcast Episode 20 – E3 Wrap up Volume 1

    We’ve been going wall to wall with our E3 coverage here at GamesEyeView, and tonight we’ve got the first of two planned podcasts this week.  Tonight we’re talking about Microsoft, SONY and Nintendo’s big E3 Press Conferences.  What did we like?  What did we hate?...

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